Wheels are coming off of Common Core

Your pressure, your hard work, and your activism is working.

Rebellions against Common Core Standards are underway in at least 16 states and 4 states have already flat out rejected Common Core.

Now is our time.

  • In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett announced that Common Core implementation will be delayed to allow for further review.
  • The North Carolina Senate just put forward budget bill language halting Common Core implementation subject to explicit legislative authorization.
  • In Georgia and Utah, Republican Party officials are putting forth anti-Common Core resolutions. Just in the past few days, the Utah Republican Party passed an anti-Common Core resolution during their State Convention.
  • Kansas state legislators are looking at completely defunding Common Core implementation, however, session will end soon.
  • In Oklahoma, the House Speaker just made a U-turn on opposing Common Core making a public pledge to repeal the 2010 Common Core implementation legislation enacted in the state.
  • Michigan lawmakers are working to completely defund and opt-out of Common Core with an amendment to the state Department of Education budget proposed.
  • In Indiana, Governor Pence just signed off on a Common Core pause bill.

The stories go on and on from states every day. County level action is taking place too.

But there’s one problem: these efforts don’t fix the problem.

Remember, elected politicians will do anything to make you settle for as little as possible.

The holy grail for the Education Establishment in our country is the creation of a NATIONAL CURRICULUM. The entrenched education bureaucracy is banking on the idea that you and I will do nothing to seriously challenge Common Core Standards.

Almost all of the above listed efforts in states across our country are just not enough. Politicians believe that pause bills or the conducting of “studies” on Common Core costs will make us go away.

Let me be clear: the Education Freedom Committee will accept nothing less than the withdrawal and defunding of Common Core in each state.

We’re ready to put tremendous pressure on politicians in a number of state legislatures where anti-Common Core bills are currently being considered.

We need to take action right now to be successful. If we don’t act quickly we could lose battles in a number of states to kill Common Core.

We won’t go away until Common Core is off the table and never considered again. We need your most generous financial contribution right now online today to put more states in the win column on this fight.

Common Core Standards mean . . .

  • billions and billions of dollars in new taxes for implementation
  • parents, teachers, and local school boards will be stripped of their ability to influence education standards and curriculum
  • the creation of massive student databases that infringe on your privacy by tracking your child’s most sensitive information
  • a one-size-fits-all-approach to American education

Can you give $500, $750, or $1000 dollars today to help the Education Freedom Committee pressure key legislators in battleground states?

donate efc v3

The U.S. Constitution matters. The 10th Amendment means something.

Our Founders envisioned a market place for ideas in America, where free thinking and innovative research would lead to greater prosperity for all.

They knew, as few education bureaucrats know today, that every student has unique educational needs that can never be accommodated by a top-down, centralized education system.

The strength of American education comes from a diversity of thought and approaches to learning.

For too long homeschoolers, private school families, and outside-the-box thinkers in the government education system have been marginalized by a small group of insiders who oppose our ability to learn freely and independently at the local level.

To remain as a magnet for the best and the brightest from around the world and to continue to produce the most talented professionals we need to set students, teachers, and parents free to revolutionize how we learn in America.

By joining us in our effort to repeal and defund Common Core, you’re helping us win our first major battle to release the stranglehold that high level Establishment educators have on American children.

Please join us today by contributing to the Education Freedom Committee online right now!

For Freedom,

Jason Laird
Executive Vice President

P.S. Common Core Standards will dictate such things as educational content, development, and testing.

If the Common Core is adopted, every state, county, and city will cede all authority over education to the federal government.

Please chip in $5, $10, or $15 dollars online right away and defend state sovereignty from federal interference by refusing to participate in the Common Core!

donate efc v3

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The Education Freedom Committee is a nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to protecting vibrant educational opportunities for all Americans. The Education Freedom Committee’s mailing address is 686 Holly Circle Drive, Aberdeen, MD 21001. We can be contacted at 410-756-0557. Our web address is www.EduLiberty.com

You can read our privacy policy here.

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