Tennessee School says: No on God, Yes on Michael Jackson


“Take it home.  You’re not allowed to write about that.  Pick another idol.”  

That’s what a public school teacher in Tennessee told a 10-year old girl this week.

Students were asked to write about an idol of their choice and Erin Shead chose God.

Here’s what Erin created:

Erin relayed to her mother after school this Wednesday:

“But my teacher said I couldn’t write about God. She said it has something to do with God and God can’t be my idol.”

When God was ruled out, little Erin Shead asked if she could use Michael Jackson.

Her teacher at Lucy Elementary School said using Michael Jackson as an idol, instead of God, was just fine.

Sadly, the war on religious freedom, creativity, and personal beliefs in education is not just raging in Tennessee, but in every state across the country.

Teachers are now serving as thought police against our children.

Are you upset about this?

Help your Education Freedom Committee fight the government stranglehold on education in America by chipping in today online.

We have to stand up for kids like Erin across our country.

For Freedom,

Jason Laird
Executive Vice President

P.S. Every day battles are raging across our country over your child’s future.  Help your Education Freedom Committee today in the fight to protect the freedom to learn in America: Click to donate here.

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