Dear Fellow American,

The Federal Government and their federal "Common Core" Central Plan is the latest attempt to control all education in our country.

For far too long, we have let the Federal Department of Education control local education from Washington, DC.

By controlling the flow of money, the bureacrats and politicians in DC keep cracking the whip for more centralized control of education in all 50 states.

We must act swiftly to send the message to all of our elected officials that we will push back against this leviathan of a department.

The so-called "Common Core" standards are a one-size-fits-all solution to education that fails our children, our teachers, and our communities.

Please fill out the important petition below and we will send a message to our legislators and other elected officials that we will not stand for further restrictions on our God-given rights to educate our children as we wish.

Will you sign this crucial petition to send the message that we will NOT tolerate any further DC-based control over our families and children?

For Freedom,

Jason Laird
Executive Vice President
Education Freedom Committee

Official Petition to STOP Common Core

We, the undersigned, oppose the Federal "Common Core" Standards.

We, the undersigned, oppose any and all top-down, one-size-fits-all approaches to educating our children.

We, the undersigned, oppose the Department of Education's attempt to control, through force, every aspect of learning in America.

Therefore, be it resolved that we, the undersigned, demand that all of our elected officials in my State and in Congress act immediately to eliminate and defund the "Common Core" program.

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