Myths about Common Core Standards


So when I talk to people about Common Core I often hear questions like . . .

Myth #1: Common Core is a state-led standards movement, right?


Common Core was developed by DC-based trade associations that are not accountable to any voters and who did not consult any children, parents, or teachers in developing the standards.

Myth #2: Common Core is academically rigorous, right?


Math expert James Milgram, PhD., who sat on the Common Core Validation Committee has said that:

  • the math standards would prevent students that excel in math from reaching college preparatory math coursework by high school.

English Language Arts(ELA) expert Sandra Stotsky, PhD., who also sat on the Common Core Validation Committee has said that:

  • the increased emphasis on informational texts and away from literature will hurt children’s development in reading and writing.

Myth #3: Common Core adoption will result in financial savings due to economies of scale, right?


Suppliers of textbooks, teacher training programs, and testing companies will charge through the roof to school districts scrambling to comply with the mandated standards.

For example, in the state of Maryland the PARCC testing outfit is estimating over $67.00 dollars per student per test!

This is more than double the price for the current testing regime.

Myth #4: Common Core has only to do with improving students’ academic performance, right?


A massive data collection operation comes tied in with this program that will violate the privacy rights of parents and children alike.

The federal government isn’t satisfied with all your phone and email records; they want to go a lot deeper starting at the earliest ages possible.

Myth #5: Common Core only deals with non-controversial subjects like Math and English that can’t be considered vehicles for worldview bias, right?


The increased emphasis on informational texts has already led to several textbook companies producing wildly biased materials in the ELA program, and there are more subjects coming with the Common Core standards such as Science and History.

How about a federal sex ed “standard”?

Or a “civics” curriculum?

Don’t let this camel’s nose in this tent!

If the pipeline of Common Core is allowed to remain in place, we will have sewage in every local school fed from on high!

So what can you do to resist the terrible Common Core standards scheme in your state?

I’m glad you asked!

We at Education Freedom Committee are going directly to the state legislatures to force action.  You can help us by:

For Freedom,

Jason Laird
Executive Vice President


P.S. Every day battles are raging across our country over your child’s future.

Help us today on the front lines with your most generous contribution online right now to the Education Freedom Committee: Click to donate here.

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