Join me in passing Freedom to Learn laws

Did you know that judges know better how to educate your children than you do?


Well, a judge in Florida just forced two parents to send their children to public school.

Both parents agreed that the mother should be homeschooling the children even though the couple was separated.

But the court-appointed meddler during a custody hearing said that it is her “gut reaction” that “maybe the kids should have socialization and go to a small school”…

So completely outside the wishes of both parents and totally outside the question before the court, the judge decreed this:

  • that a “gut feeling” is a good basis on which to make an education decision about other peoples’ children.

Now more than ever we need to pass “Freedom to Learn” laws in every state in the union.

We need to restrict the states and all branches of the government from dictating to parents how their children are to be educated.

Homeschooling parents should not have to interact with the state at all.

Private schools should not be regulated in any way as to their educational program.

They should not be forced to subject any of their students to state or national testing either.

And, local public school districts should not have to follow any educational dictates outside their local elected school boards.


Because locally elected school board members are directly accountable to the parents of the children in their schools.

Stand with us now.

Help us fight against the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive branch in each state by passing “Freedom to Learn” laws.

We must handcuff these know-it-all government Educrats from harming any more children.

For Liberty,

Jason Laird
Executive Vice President

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