Pass Freedom to Learn Laws in Each State

Parents have the ultimate authority when determining the education of their own children, and that authority should be recognized and respected by the government.  However, as homeschooling grows in popularity and more parents opt out of the public education system in favor of private schools and homeschooling, there has been a backlash from liberals who want to restrict parents’ rights to make educational decisions for their own children.

There have been many recent examples of leftists lashing out against those who choose to homeschool or send their children to private school.  In an outrageous recent court case that was decided in Florida, a judge ruled that homeschooled children would be forced to attend public school against the wishes of both parents, for no other reason than that a court-appointed guardian ad litem had a “gut feeling” that the children should be “socialized” by attending a public school.

Now, a bill has been proposed in the Ohio state legislature (SB-248) that would require all parents who wish to homeschool and their children to submit to interviews with child welfare workers.  The unqualified social workers, instead of the parents, would then be allowed to make the final decision about whether homeschooling is in the best interests of the child.  This proposed Ohio bill is the most tyrannical assault on educational freedom and parents’ rights in recent history.

The examples of government usurpation of parental authority over education are many, but there is only one solution: passing a Freedom to Learn law in each state.

Freedom to Learn laws completely deregulate homeschooling and allow for a complete opt-out of the government education system.  Once a parent elects not to place their child in the public education system, the government has no authority at the federal, state, or local level to impose regulations regarding attendance, curriculum, or assessments for that child.

Because compulsory education laws are in effect in all 50 states, a Freedom to Learn law must be passed in each state individually to secure true educational freedom for the parents and students in that state.

Our fight for the Freedom to Learn begins this legislative session in Utah with a Freedom to Learn bill being proposed by Utah State Senator Aaron Osmond.  If passed, this bill will effectively end compulsory education requirements in the state of Utah and remove any regulatory authority over homeschooling from the Utah state government.  Complete educational authority will be restored to Utah parents. Click here to sign our petition in support of Senator Osmond’s Freedom to Learn bill. 

We are also fighting a battle against proposed Ohio SB-248 to ensure that the parental right to determine the best type of education for their own children is not stripped from Ohioans.

The Education Freedom Committee will not rest until Utah, Ohio, and ultimately all 50 states are Freedom to Learn states.

Interested in getting a Freedom to Learn bill proposed in your state legislature?  Contact us at and we’ll help you with the process!


written by Jillian Patterson


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