Our Priority Issues

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Abolish the Department of Education (#EndFedEd)

The federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved in education.  Since the Department of Education’s inception in 1980 educational standards have continually decreased while federal education spending has increased by more than 500%.  Each federal education mandate has been wildly unpopular and a colossal failure.  Instead of attacking each federal mandate and initiative piecemeal, EFC seeks to address the problem at its source: the existence of a federal Department of Education.

Pass Freedom to Learn Laws in Each State (#FreedomtoLearn)

Freedom to Learn laws completely deregulate homeschooling and allow for a complete opt-out of the government education system. Once you elect not to use the public education system, the government should not have any authority at the federal, state, or local level to impose regulations regarding attendance, curriculum, or assessments for your child.  EFC is working hard to get a Freedom to Learn law passed in all 50 states and our fight begins this legislative session in several states.

Stop the Common Core State Standards (#StopCommonCore)

The Common Core State Standards are a set of English Language Arts (ELA) and Math curriculum standards developed by Washington DC-based special interest groups and private foundations.  The standards are not rigorous and allow for a huge expansion of federal control over education.  States were bribed into accepting Common Core by the federal Department of Education, which tied applications for federal funding to implementation of the standards.  Because states accepted Common Core individually, the most effective way to fight the standards is on the state level.  EFC is fighting to get Repeal Common Core bills passed in all 46 states that have accepted the Common Core State Standards.

Stop Student Data Mining and Other FERPA Violations (#StopDataMining)

The 46 states that accepted Common Core were offered additional grants if they agreed to create a longitudinal data system.  These states have agreed to data mine students, harvesting data including family income, family make-up, health information, behavior problems, attitudes about sexuality and diversity, and 400+ other points of data.  This creation of a de facto national database of private data is a gross violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) as it was originally enacted and must be stopped.  EFC is fighting student privacy violations by working to abolish the Department of Education, reinstate FERPA in its original form, and repeal Common Core in each state.

Stop S. 1094 – Strengthening America’s Schools Act of 2013 (#StopS1094)

The “Strengthening America’s Schools Act” was proposed in June 2013 and is currently in committee in the US Senate.  This 1150 page bill would, among other changes, mandate that all 50 states implement the Common Core curriculum standards and impose 150+ new reporting requirements for states.  If passed, S. 1094 would also create a literal national database of private student and family data as well as a national school board to determine nationalized curriculum for all public schools.  EFC will exert political pressure on targeted members of Congress to make sure they know that their constituents overwhelmingly oppose S. 1094 and are watching their votes.

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