Defund Common Core Language Proposed in the Senate


We need to get this language into the FY2014 Appropriations Bill to eliminate all federal funding for Common Core.

You and I know that these Senators will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to support this language.

This won’t be an easy battle and we don’t have much time, but if we can get this language added in the Senate Appropriations Committee we stand a better chance at getting our language through on the Senate floor.

Please chip in today to help us pressure Senators on including our defund Common Core language in the draft FY2014 Appropriations Bill.

For Freedom,

laird on transparent




Executive Vice President
Education Freedom Committee

Defund Common Core Language Letter (page 1)

138556960-Common-Core-Letter (1)_Page_1

Defund Common Core Language Letter (page 2)

138556960-Common-Core-Letter (1)_Page_2


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