Afzali: A sell-out on Common Core


We are always on the look out for a legislator who will lenda hand in the cause for freedom in education.

So when House Bill 76 (Common Core Repeal) was introducedthis past session in the Maryland General Assembly, we hopedto garner support amongst those who publicly voiced concernwith Common Core.

One of those people was actually on the committee hearingthe bill – Frederick County Delegate Kathy Afzali.

Imagine our delight!

So did our local Delegate Kathy Afzali stand up and helpus fight for this repeal bill in her committee to vanquishthe dreaded Common Core?


Unfortunately, she was instrumental in dealing HB-76 thefatal blow.

Several of us from her home county were there testifying forHB-76 and against Common Core.

But, Delegate Kathy Afzali was parroting theunion-elected School Board talking points on Common Corerather than listening to her constituents outcry againstCommon Core.

It certainly will never come to a vote with the minorityparty delegates giving up on it during the hearings andannouncing on the radio that it has no chance!

I couldn’t believe it as I listened to her on WFMD’sBob Miller Morning Show announce that it would not get outof her committee!

How could we get this bill out of committee if DelegateAfzali, a supposed avowed anti-Common Core advocate,didn’t even fight for it during the hearing or comeout publicly for this bill?

With friends like Afzali, who needs enemies?

Please contact her now by clicking here to lether know where you stand on Common Core!

And ask her what she is going to do to rectify her poorperformance this past session.

You can click the link above for a template, or craft yourown email to her by using the contact information below:

      Delegate Kathy Afzali

Thank you for your continued support in this effort!

For Liberty,

Jason Laird
Executive Vice President
Education Freedom Committee

P.S. HoldDelegate Afzali accountable and demand that she answer forher anti-education freedom record.

Afzali must level with us!