laird_picture_final1Jason Laird, Executive Vice President

Jason Laird has been a champion for educational liberty in his community since 2008 through his work with Campaign for Liberty.

He began taking on the leadership role in Frederick County, Md., as the County Coordinator in 2009 where the subject of education has been a focal point of the group’s work.

He fought hard for educational freedom candidates in the Board of Education elections in 2012 by coordinating with the ABC PAC in Frederick.

Jason and his wife Susanna have guided the learning of their four children outside the confines of public schooling, because they feel, like many others, that not all educational options are available to their children within the current government-led system.

As Executive Vice President of the Education Freedom Committee, Jason hopes to help roll back the dark cloud of decreased opportunity that hangs over the heads of every victim of the government monopoly in education.

jtpJillian Patterson, Vice President of Policy 

Jillian earned an Honors BA from the University of Utah and went on to complete an MA in English Literature and a Graduate Certificate in Legal Studies from the University of Delaware.

Her graduate work included courses in Intellectual Freedom, Education Law, and Public Policy.  Jillian taught college courses in writing, rhetoric, and literature at the University of Delaware and Cecil College, before leaving academia to focus on family and political activism.

In addition to her academic work, Jillian was the Delaware State Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty in 2009-2010, and was a Maryland State Coordinator for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign.

Jillian and her husband have three young children and plan to educate all of them at home.  Contact Jillian at



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